Rail To Nowhere
The Rail to Nowhere In the early 1900's the expansion of the railway was a national imperative in Southern Africa. Railways was laid to criss-cross Southern Africa. With the expansion and improvment of the road system in the late 70's and 80's the railways job as only form of mass transport was replaced by cheaper trucking companies. This led to the mothballing of various of these lines and stations. Some stations now only get one train a week going through them and the infrastructure has started crumbling. As a private project I have started following these lines to the stations that has now been forgotten. SWEAT Together with photographer Irene Grobbelaar I have been exploring the lives of the Sex workers of Cape Town. Their stories range from sad to tragic, their lives a study of what society can do to those fallen to the wayside. Apart from letting them show us their haunts and the places they visit we also had them pose for us in formal studio portraits. This was our attempt to show them as the humans we seem to forget they are, humans removed fro their work history.
Locations Portraits